Automated Regression Testing

Bqurious is a Automated Regression Testing tool for the web. It is designed to help you track changes in your website, and to test the effects of those changes, over time. On many projects, as time passes and requirements change, it becomes obvious that "something has broken", and tracking down the cause can be difficult. At best you fix the immediate problem, but there is still a risk that another change, on another bit of code will cause a similar problem elsewhere.

Bqurious seeks to address this problem by providing a simple way to run a series of automated regression tests against your site. The idea is that you should be able to run these tests after any changes are made (whether by yourself or someone else), and check their results against the expected results of previous tests. If all the tests pass, then you can be confident that nothing has been broken by your change The project is called Bqurious because it grew out of my work on bqurious - an open-source blog engine http://bqurious.com/

Experience the world’s first test automation solution on the cloud

Bqurious is a automation testing tool, it allows to communicate with the web site in a easy and powerful way. It is designed to be used by software testers and developers. Bqurious also provides an API for developers, you can use it to create your own applications.

Automation Testing Solutions

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